Firefinch. Data Consultants for the African Music Industry.

Firefinch specialises in the generation and presentation of research data, for both industry and academia. We offer both specialised copyrighting and editing for academia, as well as marketing data generation and analysis for commercial projects.


Our copywriting and editing department handles editing and research presentation across the social and hard sciences, including research reportage, journal submissions, and thesis editing.


We also have a special interest in research and analysis for the African music industry, providing solutions for commercial radio playlisting and advertising, audience research, analysis of existing datasets, and the production and analysis of chart data.

At Firefinch, we are strong believers in the power of quantitative research, interpreted with powerful statistical methods. To read more about our quantitative approaches to music industry research, click here.

Firefinch also offers forensic musicological analyses for music copyright claims. More information on this service can be found here.

Firefinch also provides chart analysis services; more information on our commercially available charts (including the South African Top 40 and Top 200), along with commentary, can be found by emailing