About Us

Firefinch was founded as a specialist content and marketing consultancy, specifically focused on the African music industry. We specialise in tailored content creation for both classical and commercial music, as well as hands-on quantitative market research enabling you to make the most of the commercial opportunities presented by your audience.

Firefinch's founder, Barry Ross, is a veteran of content creation in the classical music industry. Chances are that if you have attended a concert in Cape Town, or read the CD liner notes for a locally produced classical album, you have read something written by him. Barry's background is in musical academia, having studied music cognition at the University of Cambridge. He has lectured extensively on the music of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as rock, pop and blues, in addition to the psychology of music. His extensive experience in quantitative music research prompted him to explore the commercial opportunities afforded by audience research.