Firefinch provides a range of data-driven marketing and content solutions to the music industry. If you have something in mind for your musical project - whether its about promotion, agency services, marketing, market expansion, recording services or publishing - don't hesitate to get in touch. If Firefinch can't help you, we will certainly know who can!

Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research (QMR) is the use of numerical data to assist in steering your marketing and commercial strategies. Firefinch can design research studies that will help you know your audience - age, income, spending habits, music consumption, or almost anything you can think of. Our team can then collect data on your behalf, analyse it, and package it in an easy-to-understand format that is appealing to potential advertising partners. If you have ever thought of your audience as more than simply ticket buyers, then QMR is for you. Contact us to learn more: no project is too big or too small.

Content creation for the music business

No matter the style of music you are putting out there, content is king. With extensive knowledge of music and skilled writers, Firefinch can create content that is appealing and informative. We have extensive experience in the writing of album liner notes and programme booklet content, especially for the classical music industry. But no matter the music - from blues and R&B to avant-garde electronica and EDM - Firefinch can help create content friendly to print and digital media, specialist magazines, newspapers, radio scripts, and press kits. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Marketing and promotion consultation

Keen on trying something different to get exposure for your musical project? Or do you perhaps want to figure out new revenue streams, outside the old traditional routes of ticket and recording sales? Firefinch can help you move beyond mere Facebook likes and towards meaningful engagement with audiences. Contact us to discuss ideas on how to leverage the most out of your audience.